SurfSUP Johnstown!

The youth participants of First Waves are not passive tourists enjoying a day on the river.  They are active citizens shaping the way our society views watersheds and its impact on our daily lives.  They are demonstrating how to be involved in cleaning up our rivers, and how to enjoy them.  They are setting an example of cleaning up litter instead of perpetuating single-use plastic and its careless disposal.  They are the first waves of hope for cleaner water for our communities.  Filmed and edited in part by First Waves students, this film tells a small part of their story.

A tremendous thanks to our supporting partners, volunteers, mentors, and instructors.  This program would not exist without your dedication to the mission of educating and inspiring our youth to care about our watersheds.  Your work ripples on into the future as they take these lessons, skills, confidence, and self-esteem with them.